As the mechanical and structural design of overhead cranes and hoists has evolved so too has the type of electrical control systems. When purchasing a new piece of equipment today you will most likely select variable frequency drives for the control of the bridge and trolley motions due to their ability to control the acceleration and deceleration curve of the motions.

In recent years, these drives have become the standard in the industry because of the many advantages they offer. Digital drives for DC cranes are also becoming very popular offering improved motor performance, torque control and reliability. Simple magnetic control systems are also still in use today offering an economical way of controlling the equipment.

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Older crane controls can create ongoing problems but there are solutions. Control modernizations of existing equipment has become a large portion of our business. Our Electrical Engineering Department and Sales Department can assist in selecting the proper replacements or upgrades to your equipment. No matter what your control preference is we can offer the right solution to your requirement. Remote control systems have improved substantially over the years. Whether radio or infrared, these systems benefit the operator ergonomically and increase safety. Consider a remote system for your next new crane or add a system to your existing crane or hoist.

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